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Midwest Gateway Groundbreaking

ARCO KC Celebrates Midwest Gateway Industrial Park Groundbreaking.

Midwest Gateway project team members including local developer, Copaken-Brooks and Boston based, Foxfield Ventures, recently celebrated the groundbreaking of their new industrial park in Edgerton, KS. The speculative park is a located less than half a mile from the BNSF Intermodal. The park will include two buildings totaling 480,000 SF. Construction of the facilities has begun and is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2018.

“This is the first project of its kind in Edgerton that will be designed for ‘smaller’ users, small being relative, I suppose,” said [Russel] Pearson, who is co-brokering the project along with Nathan Anderson and Bucky Brooks. “We will be targeting distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing users who understand what drayage savings means for their businesses; as well as providing the opportunity to own or lease a custom-built facility in an irreplaceable location.”

“The supply and demand drivers for this size of building are unmet at the BNSF Intermodal,” said Aaron Schlagel, vice president, development at Copaken Brooks. “The buildings allow flexibility for industrial users who need a more efficient building footprint and increased operational efficiencies due to Midwest Gateway’s unique locational benefits.” Klaus, Krista. “Midwest Gateway Groundbreaking Signals New Industrial Product for Booming Edgerton.” Metro Wire Media. N.p., 1 June 2017. Web.

Night rendering of the Midwest Gateway buildings elevation.



Each of the speculative facilities will be designed to accommodate multiple tenants and constructed of tilt-up concrete with architectural glass. 

Click here for more information on the properties.